Seattle Historic Window Co.
Madrona Residence
This series of photos represent an average window restoration project. The over 100-year-old home had been well maintained, but most of the sash were painted shut and/or needed re-glazing and most of the original hardware was missing or worn out.

The homeowners decided to replace the existing sash pulleys since the orginals were average-quality, stamped-steel. The replacements are solid brass, ball bearing pulleys with turned brass wheels.

Once removed from the openings, the sash were taken back to the shop for repair and reglazing.

Mortises for the replacement pulleys were cut with a router on-site when the sash cords were replaced.

We worked on twelve of these double-hung windows. Only one lower sash had to be replaced; the others were restored. Removal of the sash took one full day. Restoration and repainting took place in just over two weeks and reassembly was accomplished in two days.
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