Seattle Historic Window Co.

Storm Window and Screen Hardware

Galvanized Turn Buttons
Galvanized turn buttons
are an inexpensive choice and good option for fixed sash (windows that don't open). On ground floor or small windows it is fairly easy to istall a storm window or screen with turn buttons; one hand is free to hold the storm or screen in place while the other can rotate the turn buttons.


Plain Stainless Steel Sash Hangers
When working off a ladder, it is much easier to install a storm window or screen by first hanging it from a top hanger and then use turn buttons to secure the bottom. These plain, inexpensive sash hangers are available in four finsishes and either flush mount or 1/4" inset applications (flush model shown below).

Plain Sash hangers

        Mill finish                       Matt finish                       Polished                       Satin Bronze

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Sash Hangers
These traditional sash hangers are made from thick 316 stainless steel. The hanger and hook can be arranged in four different configurations to allow for flush mount (shown below), either 15/16" or 1 1/4" overlay or 1/4" inset.

Stainless Steel Casement Stays

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